HD Airbrush System

HD Airbrush System

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Belletto Studio’s HD Airbrush System gives you pro results with an easy-to-use system that delivers a high quality finish and lasting power. Choose your perfect combination of foundations, a blush and a highlighter that will color you flawless!

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Airbrush for Dummies Review by Tra_La_La
I was apprehensive on airbrush but always felt that it was something that I needed to try. Having the three speed option was a big help because I seriously had no clue about PSI and all of that.

It took me a few days to really get it right but now it takes me less than 20 minutes to get my whole face done. I love makeup but with a 7 month old baby and work, I'm not always able to take the time to get myself together.

The more I play with the kit, the better I get and the more intricate eyeshadow looks I can do.
(Posted on 8/7/14)
  • The HD Airbrush System is focused on maintaining a consistent look to your skin that includes only the most natural tones. Belletto Studio HD Airbrush System’s compressor produces 3 levels of PSI: Low: 3 to 5 PSI, Medium: 5 to 6 PSI and High: 10 to 12 PSI. The acronym, PSI, stands for pounds per square inch, or the speed that the makeup is sprayed. These PSI levels are ideal for the full range of various airbrush makeup techniques. Precise, intricate details like your eyeliner or shadow, medium areas such as blush application or tattoo coverage and large applications such as full body tanning are done with ease.

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    Kit 1 contains two foundations, one blush and one highlighter. Light Skin Shade: Crème De La, Bisque, Bare Blossom and Liquid Pearl Medium Skin Shade: Latte, Sweet Honey, Coraleia and Liquid Pearl. Tan Skin Shade: Nutmeg, Dune, Antique Rose and Bling It On. Dark Skin Shade: Sepia, Roasted Almond, Sangria and Sun Goddess. Kit 2 contains four foundations, one blush and one highlighter. Light Skin Shade: Brulee, Bisque, Porcelain, Crème De La, Bare Blossom and Liquid Pearl Medium Skin Shade: Sweet Honey, Latte, Sahara Sand, Desert Rose, Coraleia and Bling It On. Tan Skin Shade: Dune, Sienna, Nutmeg, Hawaiian, Antique Rose and Sun Goddess. Dark Skin Shade: Sepia, Brown Sugar, Cocoa, Roasted Almond, Sangria and Sun Goddess. Kit 3 contains six foundations, two blushes, one highlighter and Lustre Drops. Light Skin Shade: Crème De La, Brulee, Latte, Porcelain, Bisque, Desert Rose, Bare Blossom, Pinkalicious, Liquid Pearl and Lustre Drops Medium Skin Shade: Latte, Sweet Honey, Sahara Sand, Desert Rose, Hawaiian, Sienna, Pinkalicious, Coraleia, Bling It On and Lustre Drops. Tan Skin Shade: Sahara Sand, Dune, Nutmeg, Hawaiian, Sienna, Caramel, Antique Rose, Sangria, Sun Goddess and Lustre Drops. Dark Skin Shade: Roasted Almond, Sepia, Espresso, Brown Sugar, Darque Tan, Cocoa, Sangria, Japanese Cherry, Sun Goddess and Lustre Drops. Makeup lineup is based on your skin tone and may change per product inventory. Ingredients: Water, Butylene, Silica, Acrylates Copolymer, Microcrystalline, Cellulose, Cellulose Gum Triethanolamine, Polysorbate60, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Disodium EDTA.  Complete Belletto Studio HD Airbrush System  Belletto Studio Artist Support  One-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty  Quick Start Guide  Step-By-Step Tutorial DVD: o Learn to Airbrush o Basic and Advanced Makeup Applications o Contouring & Highlighting o Stencils for Face and Body o and Maintenance o Airbrush Tanning